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Take full control of your assets with smart management

We help our customers in a simple way their monthly growth


Our Best Features

Secure Tokens

have full control of your tokens with your private keys at your disposal

Support for NFTs

Store your NFTs or monitor an Address securely on our platform

WalletPay Staking

Staking for Multiple Tokens with APR Direct in Your Monthly Wallet

Flexible & Easy

Easy to use and high technology this will be our interface

Global portfolio

Use it in any language and in your local currency


Track your favorite tokens in a real-time graph

Unique opportunity

The perfect time for crypto payments






will I be able to use wallet for payments?

Yes it will be possible to use your debit card to make purchases anywhere that accepts VISA cards

What will be the value of the WalletPay card

We have a $6 fee for virtual cards and $12 for physical cards.

How do I know my tokens are secure?

Unlocked by biometrics , withdrawals only with a security code defined when you create your account

Will I also be able to buy with a credit card?

Yes, through our partner Simplex within the app

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